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Help_New Teams

Welcome to USSSA!  We are glad you are interested in playing with us.  Below is some usefull information for new teams.  Feel Free to call 256-990-0978 or email alusssa@gmail.com at any time.
REGISTER/SANCTION: **Be sure to choose 2013 SEASON
First you will need to register/sanction your team with USSSA at
http://www.usssa.com/sports/ISTSLogin.asp?Sport=16  costs $35. Click Here for help with Registering a Team
INSURANCE: You will need insurance to participate in a USSSA tournament.  . Click the link below for information on USSSA insurance.  Note the change in deductibles and DATES (insurance going to 7/31 will be for summer and 12/31 will cover you through the fall). If you already have insurance with another company just verify it will cover you if you participate in other sanctions and you will not need to purchase additional insurance. If you do not have USSSA insurance we will need a copy of your certificate when you check in at each tournament.  . USSSA Insurance (scroll down to FASTPITCH) http://www.usssa.com/sports/Insurance.asp?Sport=16 If you have any trouble with finding the rate you need please give us a call.
ROSTER: You will need a completed roster at all USSSA events.  Click HERE for help entering your roster online. Once your roster is online you will be able to receive USSSA points. For a paper version click HEREWe will start freezing rosters approximately 10 days prior to the State tournament so please have your roster online at that time.
RULES: For USSSA Rules please visit the link below: http://www.usssa.com/sports/Announcements.asp?Sport=16&AA=429 At your first tournament you can pick up a paper rule book if needed.
TOURNAMENTS: There are two places you can view the USSSA Tournament Schedule: Alabama site www.fastpitchal.com.  Click on Tournaments on the Menu Bar.  You can see the teams entered in each tournament  if you click on “Register and Teams” at the end of each tournament.  Click in the yellow box with the number of teams. National site http://www.usssa.com/sports/FindTourn1.asp?Sport=16Under Sport&Class select all your ages classes (12&under B, 12& under C) to get a true idea of the teams entered.  We try to class out all tournaments but if we do not have enough we will put the classes together to make the age bracket. Under State choose “Alabama” and choose “All” under the other headings
ENTERING TOURNAMENTS: To enter tournaments you can either enter online, call or email us at alusssa@gmail.com. Which ever is easier for you. Once registered you will be able to enter a tournament online but be aware if you choose to enter online and pay via credit card there is a $15 up charge.  We suggest either mail a check or pay at the gate when you check in. For help entering online click HEREIf you enter 10 days in advance you will receive 6 free balls when you check-in at the gate.
TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE: The tournament schedule is posted at 9pm Wed prior to your tournament at www.fastpitchal.comSee SCHEDULE in red.  NOTE that the schedule can change so always check back on Thur at 9pm for any changes.
TOURNAMENT QUESTIONS: We will provide all balls at the tournaments. Check In: Please arrive a little early prior to your first game to check in -You will need to provide a copy of your insurance (unless you have USSSA insurance…we will have it) -You are able to sign in 3 coaches for free.  They will each sign for their arm band -You will pay your entry if you have not either sent it in or paid via credit card -You will receive your free balls if you signed up 10 days early -You wil need a signed copy of your roster & copy of your birth certificates with you at all games