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Register as "C" Class Team

Any team that registers can sign up as an "A" or "B" Class but there is no option to register "C" Class.  USSSA still offers "C" Class.   You will need to register as a "B" Class and then email alusssa@gmail.com to be reclassed to  "C".

newbatNEW Bat Rules

This is a reminder that the new bat standards went into effect January 1, 2014.  This means that a bat must display the USSSA stamp for it to be legal for use. Recall that this  requirement was announced two years ago in order to give everyone ample time to conform to the new standards.


In 2015 USSSA is launching the USA Elite Select Program.  The mission of USA Elite Select is to provide opportunities for talented fastpitch softball players to showcase their skills in a competitive setting, resources to further their academic careers beyond high school, and to walk alongside the athletes to serve in the community.  USA Elite Select will provide athletes the tools and platform by which they can accomplish and fulfill their dreams in softball and in life. 

There are two types of events ran under USA Elite Select: USA Elite Select Invitationals and USA Elite Select Showcases.  If your team plans to play in a USA Elite Select event, we encourage you to register for USA Elite Select when you register for the 2015 season.  You will need to register and pay your registration fee.  To be USA Elite Select registered you will then have the option of paying an additional $20.  If your team does not register for USA Elite Select from the onset you will have the ability to later go back and register for USA Elite Select any time throughout the year

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