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Help_League Team Registration Help

Instructions to Register League Teams

1)   Download the registration spreadsheet HERE. 

Send the spreadsheet along with payment to your director.

Click HERE for a list of directors.

2)   Once you have been notified your registration is complete have your coaches use the instructions below to enter their roster.
If you are the person entering all rosters you will need to have the coach email you their login.
If your email address was provided for all teams then each coach did not get an individual account and you will see all teams under your login.

Instructions to enter ROSTERS:

3)  Use the link below to retrieve your login and password.
After clicking the link you will be prompted to provide your email address (this is the address you provided to your league)
http://usssa.com/fastpitch/ISTSGetPassword .

4)   You will be emailed a login and password.  This could take up to 24 hours.
If you have not received your login after 24 hours contact the State office at 256-990-0978
Once you receive your login use the link below to login into USSSA.


5)  Once logged in select your team in the BOX .  Then select the circle next to “Roster Adds and Updates” .

For help entering your roster click HERE.  If you additional help contact your director or the State office at 256-990-0978.

If you are a coach please notify your league once you have entered your roster.
Your league will need to notify their area director once all team rosters are complete.